My Service

It is an honor to be part of such a charged and powerful moment that a proposal can be. I treat this work as sacred, approaching it with respect and humility, as a servant to the occasion. I'm here to help you create a magical experience for your sweetheart (and you!). I see my role as a collaborator, working with you to develop an artwork and a flow to the day that makes your proposal unique. Let's talk possibilities and dream up new ones.

*Note- I do not do representational artwork (such as depictions of locations or items or people). I find that attempting to draw real things generally falls flat and is artistically uninspiring for everyone. If you have come to me for the artwork that I do (done large!), then let me excel in that and bring something that you will want to share with the world as a work of art in its own right.

Step 1: Please read my policies and rates page (a general page that covers all my commission work)
Step 2: Fill out this contact form to get the process started.
Step 3: Check these galleries for design ideas. This gallery is of my general artwork. And this gallery is specifically ones that have been done as proposals.
Step 4; If this is happening in the San Francisco area, check out the locations below to decide where you would this to happen.

Greater San Francisco Bay Area (map)

  • San Francsco: Benefits: easy walk-up viewing access from the road, easy beach access, within SF. Drawbacks: not so private (depending on time of day and year), more of an urban experience (unless on the beach itself), not as nature focused (though plenty beautiful).
  • Thornton Beach: Benefits: private location, gorgeous location and scenery, a beautiful walk. Drawbacks: a 15 minute walk along a sandy trail, outside of SF (though may be quicker to reach depending on where you are coming from), limited parking.
  • Stinson Beach: Benefits: most beautiful of all Bay Area locations, mostly private (depending on time of day and year), a beautiful 20 minute beach walk, charming town to explore, perfect for an overnight or multi-day stay. Drawbacks: about an hour from San Francisco, a 20 minute walk along the beach, overlook not as high as any other in the Bay Area, a short scramble to reach the overlook (easy, though requiring good mobility). The Sandpiper Hotel is highly recommended.
  • Santa Cruz (map) (1.5 hrs south of SF): Benefits: easy walk-up viewing from the road, plenty of parking, beautiful location, along a bike path (highly recommended to rent bikes in town and bike 3 miles to the location). Drawbacks: no easy beach access, not so private (as its along a pedestrian and bike path), right off of the road (though it is lightly used- I have never found the road to be a distraction).